Leo Coffee Evolution


Leo Coffee was founded in 1910 by PRK Nadar, the enterprising pioneer in coffee plantations and a legendary figure who gave the coffee-loving South Indians the gift of Leo Coffee. He set exceedingly high standards for cultivation and worked tirelessly with a dedicated team of skilled growers to ensure those high standards are implemented and maintained. He instilled a great sense of commitment and responsibility in them.

Later, his son PRK Bhaskaran took over the reins, armed with expansive knowledge, steadfast dedication and passionate efforts just as his father. PRK Bhaskaran a perfect chip of the old block, carried on with the legacy passed on by his father and strived to make Leo the perfect coffee with unparalleled flavour and consistent quality. 

The traditional value around which the corporate philosophy is woven is followed even today by PRK Bhaskaran's son B.Srinivasan and grandson Venu Srinivasan. they have picked up all the nuances of cultivation, selective picking, processing, and blending. they continue to conserve and maintain the legacy passed on to them with unfaltering dedication and the results of such passionate efforts can be seen in every single bean.

Leo Coffee has brought the pure taste of tradition into a million homes by creating a niche for itself in the world of beverages. With a distinct flavor that satisfies the palette of the most discerning coffee lover, Leo has finally emerged as a leading brand of coffee in India today. Armed with a legion of loyal consumers and growing, our rapid growth can be attributed to our founder's unrelenting commitment to quality and passion for coffee cultivation.

Leo Coffee is a tradition that is almost religiously observed in millions of coffee lovers' homes. Its purity and quality has earned itself a loyal following that grows with each year. So our plantation experts ensure that the plants are maintained in the best of health using modern scientific methods. The quality of Leo Coffee is carefully monitored at every step - right from bean to bag.

What people say about us:

"This is the best coffee ever! Very low in acid content, no upset stomach. I had initially received this from a friend that went to India for work" - Gail Puppe (USA)

"Leo special Pea Berry is a family tradition for the past 25 years. Our mornings begin with the aroma of the brewing of fresh and pure Leo coffee. My daughter grew up on Leo coffee. She is now working abroad. Whenever she visits us in Chennai, the first thing that she packs while returning is 6 months supply of Leo coffee. For us, Leo is not just coffee, it is a member of our family" - Sreedevi Rangarajan 

"A hard core fan of filter coffee and love Leo coffee's offerings!! My mornings and evenings do not begin without a cup of fresh coffee..... Recently as I was falling short of time and couldnt visit a nearby store, tried ordering through their latest channel of estore" - Gangothri 


  1. I have grown up drinking Leo Coffee ! I am 60 years old now and originally from Mylapore, where my grandparents & parents would buy the coffee beans at Leo Coffee's outlet at South Mada Street.
    My day is perfect when it starts with the aroma of pure filter coffee without chicory.
    Of late I have seen the quality of coffee powder slipping. I mostly buy from Leo's Village Road outlet at Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034. The quality of roasting is not correct ! It is yielding a blackish tinge ! Thete is no flavour now !
    The fineness of the powder is also improper ! Often the coffee doesnt percolate down ! The hot water just sits on the powder, which becomes tacky and clayey preventing downward movement of the water.
    It is hoped that Leo Coffee will look into these quality issues with urgency !


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