More than a Century of R&G #COFFEE innovations

Leo Coffee, with a strong presence in R&G coffee markets across India and abroad, has constantly innovated to emerge as a major coffee business in India. The business has shown immense resilience and adopted new business formats to reach out to distinct consumer segments. Leo Coffee has effectively built upon its traditional roots to widen its product portfolio and consolidate it's business models.

Leo Coffee's beginnings can be traced to the year 1910, when Sri. P. R Karupiah Nadar, an enterprising 16 year old youth, started trading coffee with European Jesuit Missionaries who, at that time, owned most of the coffee plantations in Pulney hills. They found him a reliable and honest man to sell their coffee and soon, Mr. Nadar was signing agreements to buy coffees from all major estate companies in the region. One such agreement with the Nilgiris Coffee Traders Company is still preserved by his family. Upon being successful…

Mylapore Mocha - Leo Coffee

Leo Coffee's Mylapore Mocha Cafe in Chennai(Inviting when you see it, Invigorating when you sip it)
Leo Coffee, a nearly half-century-old filter coffee brand based in Chennai export to countries like the US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and West Asian countries.
Leo Coffee, operated by Venu Srinivasan is nearly half-century-old filter coffee brand based in Chennai and exports coffee to big domestic and international companies. 
The coffee major has a strong foothold in the countries like the US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and West Asian countries. Leo exports at least a tonne of roasted coffee beans and powder every month to the US alone. “Genuine coffee drinkers prefer filter coffee to instant ones and now “drinking filter coffee is fashionable,” says Srinivasan. Leo Coffee has 40+ company-owned outlets and 200+ shop-in-shop counters in supermarkets and department stores across Chennai. Leo Coffee has also established the brand’s presence in e-commerce portals, including Amaz…

Leo Coffee Evolution

Leo Coffee was founded in 1910 by PRK Nadar, the enterprising pioneer in coffee plantations and a legendary figure who gave the coffee-loving South Indians the gift of Leo Coffee. He set exceedingly high standards for cultivation and worked tirelessly with a dedicated team of skilled growers to ensure those high standards are implemented and maintained. He instilled a great sense of commitment and responsibility in them.
Later, his son PRK Bhaskaran took over the reins, armed with expansive knowledge, steadfast dedication and passionate efforts just as his father. PRK Bhaskaran a perfect chip of the old block, carried on with the legacy passed on by his father and strived to make Leo the perfect coffee with unparalleled flavour and consistent quality. 
The traditional value around which the corporate philosophy is woven is followed even today by PRK Bhaskaran's son B.Srinivasan and grandson Venu Srinivasan. they have picked up all the n…